La Gitana

I make fine classical, flamenco, and steel-string guitars and violins and cellos. I accommodate the needs of each of my customers with special woods, custom neck widths, fretboard scales, ┬ábody sizes, inlay, cutaways, the latest electronics, and repairs. A cache of 40-year-old Brazilian Rosewood is just one of my secrets in making guitars, which can’t be beat in price or quality. I have even made a viola played by Yo-Yo Ma in concert, and guitars played by many professional classical and flamenco players.

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2 comments on “La Gitana
  1. Tony Rizzo says:

    Mr. Knatt,

    I am interested in purchasing a classical guitar. My situation would be best described as serious amateur. I’ve been looking for a high quality used guitar for a long time without luck and think having one built might be a better option. I would like help with deciding on custom scale and neck width.

    Windsor CT

  2. Bernard says:

    Hello Mr. Tom,

    I am interested in learning to build guitars. I would like to come by your shop at your convenience for a tour and hopefully arrange for for a course.

    Thank you,


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