Luthier’s Workshop

The Luthier’s Workshop explores the possibilities of new woods and designs for guitars, violins, and other string instruments. I make unique instruments, repair difficult breaks, and teach students how to do these things.

For more complete information about offerings at the Luthier’s Workshop, please visit Click Here

6 comments on “Luthier’s Workshop
  1. Andy Giovanni Romero says:

    Im really interested in joining one of your workshops.

  2. John Gavin says:

    Hey Tom

    John Gavin here with a question if you have a moment to help me out.
    Would a saddle with individual string compassion vibrate differently ( better/ worse or just differently noticeable) if it were at a right angle with the guitars geometry vs being on an angle for compensating string differences?

  3. Jeff Wells says:

    Looking to get my brother guitar building classes, do you offer a weekend program?

  4. Ethan Darling says:

    how extensive are your teaching courses? Would you be able to teach someone who knows nothing about building/repair of guitars?

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